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Lisa Seymour BA (Hons), Dip Counselling, MBACP Accredited.

Lisa has many years experience of working with a wide range of difficulties that affect the emotional well-being and mental health of young people. Both Counselling and Psychotherapy can help young people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives to find positive solutions to problems and to reach their full potential.

“Counselling has made a real difference in my life.┬áNot only for me but for my whole family”


Counselling provides young people with a supportive, accepting and non-judgemental place to explore their feelings and experiences, find solutions to problems and to gain the skills and confidence to manage the many changes that are presented by adolescence and early adulthood.

Counselling can help you if:

  • your self-confidence or self-esteem is low
  • you’ve lost someone you love
  • you feel sad or stressed
  • you find it difficult to control your anger
  • you are having problems with relationships
  • you feel confused but don’t know why

…and with many other problems that may seem too difficult to share with anyone else.


“Starting therapy was hard because I found it hard to trust anybody. But as I went on I began to trust more and my life has changed a lot”

Working with emotional difficulties that have been problematic over longer periods of time, Psychotherapy can help young people to make significant changes in their lives.

Psychotherapy usually involves longer term help and enables young people to make lasting changes to complex problems. Psychotherapy can help young people to understand the cause of distressing feelings, to change behaviours that result from negative experiences, and to recover from traumatic events.

Psychotherapy can help you if:

  • feel anxious or depressed
  • are struggling to cope with daily living
  • are having difficulty managing your drug or alcohol use
  • have compulsive behaviours that are affecting your life
  • are using self-injury to cope with your feelings
  • have experienced abuse or sexual assault
  • your feelings, thoughts and behaviours seem overwhelming or out of control.

…and with many other life experiences that may feel too much to cope with alone

If you would like to find out more or discuss an appointment, please feel free to contact me:
Phil Heler & Associates,
Buxton Osteopathy Clinic,
7 Bridge Street,
Derbyshire SK17 6BS.

01298 214994
07980 930755

0759 6112 546

  • Lisa Seymour

    Lisa Seymour

    Lisa Seymour BA (Hons), BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist provides a welcoming, professional counselling and Psychotherapy service to children, teenagers and young adults. Working with a counsellor can enable young people to move forward from past experiences, to explore the connection between their feelings, thoughts and behaviours and to make
    significant and positive changes in their daily lives. She is experienced in working with a wide range of difficulties that affect young people’s emotional wellbeing, mental health, relationships and school, college and work life.

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