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Bony Injuries to the Elbow

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Bony Injuries to the Elbow

Typical Symptoms; Injuries to the radius bone in the arm often result in pain when rotating your hand and turning it over.

There are two bones in the forearm called the radius and the ulna. These can often be fractured at various points in the same way as any other bone.

Clinically, as osteopaths, our job is only diagnose these fractures if they are present. The most common issue that does present is when the radius is sublimed or partially dislocated.When you turn and rotate your hand (pronation and supination) the smaller of the two bones, the radius, rotates around the stationary fixed heavier thicker ulna bone.

The radius can be dislocated by a sudden pull of the forearm; a typical case would be a small child who is pulled suddenly when they are holding hands with an adult. This would cause a tear in the ligament holding it in place.


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