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Hazel thought she would have to give up running because of a disc related issue until she had IDD Therapy

Posted by Phil Heler, MD on May 31, 2017

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Hazel thought she would have to give up running because of a disc related issue until she had IDD Therapy

Buxton fell runner Hazel Winder thought a painful back injury had ended her racing days for good.

The former Peak Park area ranger has always led a very active life and took up running at the age of 55, developing a love of 50-mile ‘ultra’ events.

But pain from a degenerative bulging disc at the bottom of her back forced her to give up the sport – and much more besides: “Running, walking, gardening, going upstairs; even standing in front of the cooker was very painful,” she says. “Life was very miserable and I couldn’t see it getting any better.”

Hazel’s problems began over two years ago. When treatments with her sports physio were no longer effective, her GP referred her to the Cavendish Hospital. After undergoing an MRI scan, she was told that nothing could be done and prescribed anti-inflammatories.

When they ceased to help, her doctor put her on stronger medication – but in time that stopped working too.

So it seemed that medical treatment could provide no solution – until Hazel discussed her problems with Buxton osteopath Phil Heler.

“I was passing the clinic one day and decided to call in. Phil told me about IDD therapy and I thought I had nothing to lose. He explained that I would have to have an MRI scan – but of course I already had one.”

After studying the scan, Phil decided that Hazel’s condition would respond to a course of IDD – Intervertebral Differential Dynamics – therapy. This applies computer-controlled forces at precise angles to gently draw targeted spinal segments apart, relieving pressure on discs and trapped nerves and easing muscles and ligaments.

The results exceeded all of Hazel’s expectations and, after a series of sessions at the Buxton clinic, her life is back on track.

“I am not 100% free of pain, but the treatment has just been fantastic,” she says. “It has changed my life back to the way it used to be.

“Before, I used to wake up in the morning and have to decide what I could or couldn’t do – now I don’t even have to think about it. I am back to fell running and walking – I can’t put into words how much difference it has made.”

IDD therapy is a non-invasive alternative to surgery for chronic back, neck and leg pain. It also avoids risks such as post operative infections and bleeding – and the need to take rehabilitative time off work.


Buxton Osteopathy Clinic is the only centre in Derbyshire to offer IDD therapy. To book an assessment with Phil, call 01298 214994.