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An early success story with our new IDD Machine

Posted by Phil Heler, MD on May 26, 2016

Self-employed plumber Andrew was left facing uncertain future with surgery as the only prospect of relief.

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An early success story with our new IDD Machine

Self-employed plumber Andrew Elliott was left facing uncertain future when crippling back pain put him out of action for months. Previous back problems had always been cured by a trip to his osteopath – but not this time. After 20 sessions the pain was as bad as ever, leaving surgery as the only prospect of relief.

 But now he’s back on his feet after a chance encounter with neighbour Phil Heler – an osteopath in Buxton – led to a high-tech new treatment. After 10 therapy sessions, Andrew feels like a new man.

“The pain level has dropped from six or seven out of 10 to one out of 10 – it’s transformed my back,” he says. “After years of having to protect my back, I don’t have to bother at all.”

 Phil, owner of the Buxton Osteopathy Clinic, has several other patients who have undergone similar transformations since he installed a US-designed SPINA machine at the beginning of April.

 “We are one of 28 clinics in the UK offering IDD Therapy – and the only one in Derbyshire,” says Phil. “The treatment has an 85% success rate with most spinal conditions except for severe spinal degeneration – it’s very impressive.

 “For the first time, for those people who have gone as far as manual therapy can take them, there is a viable alternative to surgery which, in itself, doesn’t provide any guarantees.”

IDD – Intervertebral Differential Dynamics – Therapy provides a non-invasive treatment for chronic back, neck and leg pain. People suffering from slipped discs, degenerative disc disease and chronic stiffness in the lower back are most likely to benefit.

 Patients are harnessed onto a treatment table that applies computer-controlled pulling forces at precise angles to gently draw targeted spinal segments apart. This relieves pressure on the discs and any trapped nerves, while also easing tight or stiff muscles and ligaments. Unlike traditional traction, the treatment targets the specific area of the spine causing problems.

 Sufferers must first undergo an MRI scan – available at substantially reduced rates – to identify the problem area and determine if the treatment can help.

“IDD Therapy is for people for whom manual treatment is no longer effective,” says Phil. “If you want to stop taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs and you suffer from chronic stiffness and pain, we may be able to help.

 “This therapy doesn’t just alleviate the problem – it’s a permanent solution.”