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A profile of Andy (chronic lower back pain sufferer) who now enjoys a pain free life after entering our IDD programme

Posted by Phil Heler, MD on June 16, 2016

Andy asummed that lower back pain would be part of his life

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A profile of Andy (chronic lower back pain sufferer) who now enjoys a pain free life after entering our IDD programme


Andy suffered from long term unresolved lower back pain combinned with acute sciatica. Pain prevented him from lifting heavy objects and he had to be both slow and deliberate with all manual tasks both at home (even lifting his new born baby) and at work. Standing for long periods of time, or sitting for bief periods, increased his pain and discomfort. Even with pain medication he could only sleep for short periods. His pain also limited his social activities and he could only drive short distances.

Andy had been presenting to our clinic for a period of seven to eight years and variously these episodes were sometimes so severe he went to A&E. Typically these bouts would resolve but he would be left with an unpleasant underlying background pain. His condition lately had been gradually deteriorating, episodes becoming more frequent, to the point where he accepted that this was now part of his life. His condition was such that he was genuinely very concerned about his ability to continue working and he felt his quality of life was shrinking.

He was increasingly requiring more and more time off work and basic tasks were becoming more difficult. Often his lower back was acute even before he started work due to the necessary commute. At work he often did various tasks such as digging footings or operating machinery (such as diggers with little or no seat suspension) and out of necessity Andy was often put on light duties. Andy did not know what to do next.

As his condition declinned his GP eventually referred him for an MRI in 2013. This is Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and unlike an X-Ray, this shows both bony and soft tissue problems. The scan demonstrated that Andy had two degenerated discs and a disc bulge at the bottom of his back. Surgery was the only option but this was a big decsion. Unable and unsure what to do next Andy battled on until this year when he entered our IDD programme. After 15 treatments we are delighted to say that Andy feels better than he has done for years and his pain has all but completely alleviated and he is able to carry out any and all tasks unhindered by any pain. He now enjoys a quality of life that he thought he would never have. His first baby has just been born and he can now pick him up without thinking twice!!!!