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Welcome to our brand new Osteopathy website

Posted by Phil Heler, MD on August 5, 2015

We are thrilled to unveil our new web site, which is mobile friendly and also allows you to book an appointment online!

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Welcome to our brand new Osteopathy website

The updates we've made

Our old website served us very well for a long time, but we felt that with the variety of services we now offer and information we make available to our clients, something a little more up to date and comprehensive would be a worthwhile investment.

You’ll now find a page with extensive information about the various symptoms that we can treat or can advise upon, including some fantastic illustrations.

We’ve gone into great detail into the various symptoms we treat, primarily to help people in our local area learn more about their bodies and health in general, but also to help you establish what you may be suffering from.

Online bookings

One of our more major updates, is our brand new online booking system.

This simple, user-friendly portal allows you to book an appointment with our clinic in just a few easy steps.

You can still give us a phone call, send an email or come and meet us in person, we pride ourselves on being readily available for our clients’ needs, and this new system makes it even easier to book with the Buxton Osteopathy Clinic.

Visit our online booking system

More to come soon

We’re going to have more content going live on the web site in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back regularly to learn more about Osteopathy and how we can treat any symptoms that you may have.

Thanks for visiting!